Saturday, March 05, 2011

To the internet

links beyond links
and links after those
some culminating in a rhyme
and occasionally in a complaint
some meeting a talking camera
and travelling with it
some walking with a censorious glance
and arriving at a passion
some, simply unoccupied
harmlessly addicted.
all of them together
a web of links
connected by their humanness
there is a god.

Many things can make me believe that there is someone who can make sense out of the world. Unexpectedly, blogs did that to me today. Perhaps I haven't come across a bad blog yet; but the more blogs I go through, the more I realise how many good hearts are beating out there, how many people work or at least want, to change what they do not like, how sadness always graduates to happiness and how that happiness is always there, like a talisman. I realise how many people are writing instead of picking up a gun or even shouting at someone. And suddenly, I see that all of them are similar: possessing similar angst, similar love and similar energy, and I know, there is a god.

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