Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Taslima Nasreen and Poribartan

Taslima Nasreen seems to be cashing in on West Bengal's good publicity, and she doesn't care how. When the election results were declared, she tweeted quite ecstatically: Three cheers for Mamata! Three cheers for women of strength! (No, how can you say she's referring to herself as well?)

And also: Hope is walking hand-in-hand with a dream.

And for Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee: How come Buddhadeb is losing! He threw me out of West Bengal for Muslim votes! And of course she adds the dramatic: Ah! Nightmare!

I grant all this is nothing. I sympathise with her and grieve that she was punished for exercising her right to freedom of expression. However, must we be subjected to her mood swings, IN PRINT? Today she writes for the Times of India:

"We know that if there was not killing or rape in Singur and Nandigram and if the media were not publicizing these atrocities, it would not have been so easy to defeat CPM in the polls."--Why, shouldn't the media have reported killing and rape?

And she's apparently thinking she was too hard on the communists on Twitter, because she writes: "34 years in power is long enough to make sane people insane." That is the most absurd justification I have ever heard for killing and rape, unless she meant that power had softened their brains.

And about hope walking hand-in-hand with a dream? She says that the people of West Bengal are only hoping for superficial change. Sure, whatever Taslima hopes for is the only right thing for which to hope. The hopes of the masses don't matter.

Yes, she is a writer. A well-acclaimed writer at that. That would have entitled her to let the whole nation know her opinion IN PRINT, had she sounded even a little writer-y. But any person who obliges a newspaper to use (sic) after quoting them loses that entitlement. Also any person who wastes paper, thus:

I am an optimist.
And after a few lines,
I am not a pessimist.

Thank you, we figured that out.

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  1. I'll just say hmmmmmmm...... Something to think...

  2. Arrrrre. You're waaaaaaaay too critical sometimes.Uski marzi.

  3. @Dhruva Mathur: Umm...okay. :)
    @Aishwarya: Maybe I am. Uski marzi toh theek hai lekin she doesn't have to do it all in print na.

  4. The author of this post did not understand even one of Taslima Nasreen's tweets and made stupid comments.

  5. Well if people are paying her to air her dirty grievances in print then who WOULD refuse?

  6. @Tamoso: I'm pretty sure I understood them. but you do have a right to call me stupid.
    @deadman: Wow, I didn't even think of that. That explains it.


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