This is Hemal Shah's idea. Please write your testimonials in the comments section. Notice that I said please.


  1. When I Psychedely, the name arouses a lot of interest. The immediate thought is about a physic teddy :P

    Jokes apart, your blog has a lot of power punch in small (blog size) packets. Writing precisely to point, you make your intentions clear. Oodles of fun with realistic and current issues, this girl makes me think of many ways we can improvise on the current situation.

    Great Writer! Keep blogging, Keep writing.

  2. *When I read Psychedely.. always an error... not your fault, am like that.. :P

  3. Well, a purposeless blog that i enjoy reading and sometimes(i am being honest here), it helps my cat improve her English, uh yeah that's it.

    Apart from that, though you raise most of the issues in a humorous sense, it does force the reader to think how (s)he can help make the world a better place by doing "something" about it.

  4. I do think your blog's worth a read. But that doesn't extend to everything it contains. It's just how I prefer things to be, not your fault or incompetence; that I like blogs that write things that really matter. I don't care if the frequency is less, but it's tiresome to take a stroll through every little thing that one thinks of and writes and then search for and find the commendable ones. Once found, it's surely more than fun, emphasize, fun, to read what you write.


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