Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here I go...

People have been telling me to blog; people have been telling me not to blog. That's just how people are: always contradicting each other, and leaving me in a confused state of mind. That's my favourite state of mind, in case you wanted to know (different people, different wants). Blog posts are supposed to be either funny or intelligent or (if Wodehouse started blogging) both. You don't know who Wodehouse is? I banish you from my purely Wodehouse-loving territory! Go and read some boring blog about a woman ranting about how her kids don't listen to her or something...

However, if we started talking about how blog posts are supposed to be, don't be surprised to know that I DON"T care how they're "supposed" to be. If you know me, or if you are risking your sanity in going forth and getting to know me, you would be content to read whatever insipid and uninteresting things I post here.

Then again, my heart's not completely in this. I have the Board exams to worry about, and somehow I can't think of them without simultaneously thinking about the oft-used phrase "Bhaad mein jaye". I shouldn't talk about exams, though. I didn't start blogging to talk about examinations. Certainly not. I swear I didn't. Really.

Parting warning: expect sarcasm, raillery and venom from me in future posts. Toodles!


  1. toodles???!!!!!
    i'll be waitin for ur blogs...
    wodehouse sucks!!!!!!

  2. *banishes shadeslayer*
    don't show me your face ever again!

  3. Booo!
    Ban this page!
    Do not write anymore. No one cares.
    And I'll sue you if I see another facebook update about this.
    Lots of love

  4. *Does not banish Arijit because criticism is what keeps Veronica going*
    And as for no one caring, you might as well check the previous posts...
    Humph again!

  5. Hi Jai,
    Good start. Keep going


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