Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Writer's Block

When It comes and It hits you
And you feel all but creative
And your outlets for expression are but few
That is when opportunity knocks.

And you drive her away
You ignore her, offend her
Half-wishing she would stay
And make your work easier.

But your elders were right
When you were a kid, they
Told you hardwork was might
Creation was never on your agenda then.

Then opportunity, the vile woman
Goads you, mocks you, teases you
And you'd very much like to run
Never have to think your way out of It.

Then you turn sly
You appease opportunity
Coerce her to ally
And churn out a poem.

Because it is laughably easy
And very satisfying
To rhyme a-b-a-c
And not sound too lame.


  1. Talk about it. :|
    Not that I post everything I write, just what I want projected of me. The last many months, I almost gave up on myself. NO reading, NO writing, nothing at all. Empty as a drum.
    My block's gone at last. 'Rejuvenated' my blog, visually at least., it is.
    And, of all poems that you've posted on the blog, this is the best. In my eyes.

  2. Reading your blog now :)
    And thank you. Most would say that's an unusual choice.


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