Sunday, January 23, 2011


It is all falling back into place
There is nothing to fear
And nothing to disbelieve in
And no reason to cry
Also, more importantly,
There is no reason to be pessimistic
To notice what is not present
Because there is so much to think of
And so much to remember

Contentedness, unlike happiness, wears off after a while. But it is worth enjoying while it is there, and unrealistic to fear a future without it. This is what I have learnt; and I am glad I have learnt it. These are happy tears, a little late in the day.


  1. *clicks like*
    Happy memories serve as an anchor, I know. But the person(?) I am, I think happiness wears off too. Pour moi, at least. Live in it while it lasts, and feed off it till it remains. But getting caught in a memory is another dangerous thing altogether.

  2. true. it differs from person to person.


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