Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Today I heard about this pregnant woman whose husband threatened to leave her if she gave birth to a daughter.  I'm losing faith in my country. I don't believe there's any hope for anything left. People will continue discriminating against women, against the lower castes, against people who speak a different language, have a different culture, follow a different religion. Nothing's working. You can frame millions of policies, educate people, pay them to not discriminate, but nothing will change. Discrimination makes people happy. It feeds their ego, it makes them feel secure. Caring for others? Helping them? Not unless there's something in it for me.
It's not just about India. You can form a hundred United Nations, protest for peace, rally, march, do whatever you can, but countries will keep bombing one another, half the world will never see anything but poverty, freedom of speech will be curtailed, sometimes discreetly, sometimes unabashedly, hypocrites will remain hypocrites, people will continue exploiting other people, and the greater good will always triumph justifying countless acts of violence in its name.

None of it matters.

India won the World Cup. I saw the match.


  1. What you focus on expands. Period. You should better write and focus on what is all good around you.

  2. unfortunatley......true

  3. You saw the World Cup match. The team that lifted the Cup comprised of two muslims,a sikh,a maharashtrian, few punjabis captained by a jharkhand lad and together they put in their 100%. And the victory celebration,all over India consisted of people of all castes, sexes, languages, religions. So there is still hope...

  4. I didn't read this at first. It gave me an instant ego boost. Then, I returned & read it, and realized, I made a mistake.

    Since I read, here's my "supposedly smart" comment: The last thing you should be complaining about is discrimination in modern India. Why? Here's why:
    1. The government has framed enough laws, given women enough rights & liberties, which even men don't have, to make up for the discrimination. For instance, you screaming "bachaao bachaao" will put some man behind bars, even if you are all alone on the street.
    Women: 1
    Men: 0
    Point being, most laws are framed IN FAVOR of women, to bring discriminators - unlike me - to justice. Which, women abuse more than use.

    2. Public transportation have separate ladies seats, while the rest are 'general' & for the physically challenged - too bad Aishwarya can't get a seat, because her case is more mental, and well... she dances too much to take a seat in the ladies section.
    Men: 0
    Aishwrya: Still dancing

    3. Women can find a jobs based solely on their beauty. Men can find only find mockery based on their beauty, like, "haha, saale, Fair & Lovely lagata hai kya, baye?". Maybe that's why jealousy isn't so prevalent among men, because we know the other guy's beauty isn't bringing him shit.
    Women: 3
    Men: -1

    4. Tax laws provide more exemption to women on annual income than men. Which in your language means: OMG! More SHOPPING!

    5. This one is more statistical & a divine kick in our manly ass: Male life expectancy is lower than womens. Mostly married men. See, all men will unanimously agree that half of the problems caused in their life are due to women. So, discrimination is more of a pay back than conceited hate

    As for your need for sincere respect for women from men, is pointless, because women hate men as much as men hate women; exception being the one's we love, admire or idolize. So, even you are being a hypocrite.

    As for this man - probably not too educated - having threatened to leave his wife if she gave birth to a girl, makes sense, if you think from his point of view. To him, it's not only a kind that has brought sorrow to men from time unknown, but also someone who won't be there to continue HIS family. And, since "such men" are not from affluent backgrounds, they see girls as an expense. They feel if they have a son, he'll start earning as soon as he's in his mid or late teens, which they can never expect from a girl. So, that's one expensive baby for them.

    Situation + logic - emotion = Unfiltered Truth

  5. Anonymous # 1: That is why I read nothing but sports news nowadays. Unprecedented but true.
    Anonymous # 2: Which part?
    Anonymous # 3: That's heartening; but it's just a minority. Fact remains that Shiv Sena had the audacity to threaten the Pakistani team.
    Arijit: 1.) Ever heard anyone say, "Hey, let's not kill this female foetus, she has all the rights in the world!"
    Keyword: Implementation.
    2.) Men don't have to go home and cook. They just have to get mad at their wife for serving dinner late.
    3.) Not all women are beautiful enough, or rich enough to buy make-up. Just as not all men are genetically perfect, or rich enough to go to a gym. Fact is, beauty is given precedence over talent for women, unless she agrees to stay in the shadows. That's another form of discrimination.
    4.) No, it means "Now we can buy the boys new school uniforms," because these tax exemptions are for lower income groups. And working women think twice before saying OMG.
    5.) Again, that's a minority.
    About the man: It's not a problem of money. The guy was ready to pay the doctor ten thousand rupees for the sex determination thingy. Might as well have educated his girl.

    Why do I have the feeling all of you are the same person?

  6. Arijit: Forgot to rofl. Your comment deserves a rofl. In a positive sense.

  7. 1.) Maybe, I haven't heard that... but, can't say I've heard "let's kill that piece of fetus" either. All that fetus killing business has reduced considerably.

    2.) The getting-mad-for late-served-dinner thing is true. Which only makes me more hungry than wanting to debate. But, to be practical, this "independent woman" business is new to Indian men, so it'll take at least two decades to be fully accepted.

    3.) I don't see what your contention is when you say, "Fact is, beauty is given precedence over talent for women". It IS true. Aren't you guys the ones who brighten up all your features with sparkles, bright colors, accessories etc. FOR attention and get upset when the desired appreciation is not received? What's with the complaining? The ones who are forced to stay in the shadows are, again, very few, today. We have many man-discrimination cases, too, to make your little grouching look irrelevant. Those woman who are forced to stay in shadows in today’s world want to stay that way. Give them freedom, they'll come back to be treated that way, not 'cause they were not taught any better, but because they are wired that way.

    4.) Firstly, "thinking woman" is an oxymoron. Second, no, it's not just for lower income groups. Every woman, from the corporate-bitch to the boutique-aunty, to the female-farmer, whoever files a tax return, will get a standard deduction of Rs. 1,90,000 per year. Ask Daddy... or Mommy, because I don't think you're liking Dad that much, lately.

    And, what a coincidence! We feel the same way about chicks, too! Pink, splashy, irritating, pretentiously-sensitive & drama-queens in general.

  8. I'm too lazy to answer back. :/
    We do feel the same way about most 'chicks'.

  9. Sad that these things do take place in our country even now..but i guess we can hope for the best..and ya do keep on writing on such good topics..:)


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