Monday, August 22, 2011

Lokpal: A superflous and dangerous institution

What the Lokpal is:
More bureaucracy. It isn't as if there are no constitutional provisions against corruption. You can always lodge a complaint with the police. To those cynical people who believe the police have no power whatsoever, there's the CBI. For those anarchists who don't trust the CBI either, I don't see why you would be ready to put all your trust in the Lokpal. 

Either you have a democracy, or you have a system that recognises merit and nothing else. The problem with the latter is that everybody's definition of "merit" is not the same. Who would you want to head the Lokpal? Anna Hazare?

If not him, how is it to be decided who forms the Lokpal? Elections? Why, then, do we not trust our Parliament which is, after all, popularly elected?

The proposed Lokpal bill states: 

  1. Members will be appointed by judges, Indian Administrative Service officers with a clean record, private citizens and constitutional authorities through a transparent and participatory process.
  2. A selection committee will invite shortlisted candidates for interviews, videorecordings of which will thereafter be made public.

Who decides what a clean record is? Which private citizens are allowed to apply? Which process is more transparent and participatory than elections on the basis of UAF? Who decides which people comprise of the selection committee?

The point is, let's not get out on the streets for an institution that will have the powers to lord over everyone in the nation, including our judiciary. How difficult do you think it is going to be to stall the process of speedy justice by simply wailing at the Lokpal's door? That is precisely why the Constitution provides so many safeguards for the judiciary.

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  1. Hi, good to see your blog & your interest in the nation, politics & issues like corruption. I had been to Freedom Park, Bangalore to support the Anna Hazare team recently. I have shared my experience on my blog . Do have a look. The same is shared on IndiBlogger also at :) Puneet

  2. hurray! validation at last.

    this is my point...i dont get it...i understand this need for a magic wand that will immediatly cease all corruptions and make all people spontaneously honest..but i dont see that happening ..

    a movement like this is good in highlighting a problem that exists , which will hopefully make people a lil bit more vigilant and make the politicians take some actions like , perhaps, having no people with criminal record stand for election( am i being too optimistic?)..

    my answer to anti corruption is to pass a law that makes it mandatory for all elected public servants to be surgicaly implanted with a camera on the forehead and all their movements to be accessible via the net...they can switch it off when they go to the loo.. ( iam considerate)

  3. Go Tys! I'm going to give people that solution every time they ask me now. It's a better answer than "The fact that I don't have a solution isn't the point."


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