Friday, September 23, 2011

So you thought I had writer's block?

I didn't. While all of you have been languishing for want of a blog post from me, and wondering if I was alive, I have been secretly writing for The NRI. And I got published! Click on the underlined text for the post: Coaching class mania

And yes, I do have delusions of grandeur.

For all of you who don't click on random underlined links without sufficient reason, here's the teaser: As education in schools deteriorates, a silent new player is taking over the industry sans regulation.

Exciting, eh? No? It doesn't matter, no one's yet put a cap on the number of links you can click in a day. So, go ahead and click. (And also read and comment if you feel like it.)


  1. Oooh your Bloggie missed you and so did we. Will check the posts soon. Welcome back!

  2. Wow, thank you! I was expecting comments more on the line of "Go die, narcissist."

  3. Well here it is, go die narcissist! LOL, the hidden camera is creepy. I will have to mask my ip and route it through japan the next time I see your blog. Hail anonymizers. Not in a mood to go critical about anything. Just making my presence heard. Was just reading around in a break from studies. Yes, guy reading blogs instead of facebooking in free time must be the most boring of them all.

  4. You know there are exceptions, right? For example, some people might find guys reading blogs in their free time instead of Facebooking not boring, but


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