Sunday, June 05, 2011

All that Baba-ness

Don't you see a similarity between Baba Ramdev advocating good morals and Chetan Bhagat writing an article on how to improve your English? I can, however, tolerate bad English much better than I can tolerate someone becoming rich in the name of spirituality.

As for accepting the support of Khap panchayats, that alone ought to discredit the Baba. The Khap panchayats directly order the cold-blooded killing of young people who marry within their gotra. Of course the government hasn't done anything about them, behaving as it is like a schoolteacher and grandmother rolled into one: you can't drink until you're 25 (that's just the Maharashtra government, I concede) and you can't ever marry according to your will.

Quitting the rambling, though, Baba Ramdev is behaving a lot like an unscrupulous politician, only caring about support and not about from where he gets it. The number of "jeeps arriving from Haryana" seems more important than his actual demands. We do have one thing to be thankful about: his farce lends more gravity to the Hazare campaign, perhaps because of the contrast.

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  1. If his protest and hunger can bring in a real change, I dont mind him getting any mileage. It is has to be for good, for better.

  2. Poor him..wat a jump he gave as soon as he knew he was gonna be arrested :P

  3. The problem with his protest is the number of issues he is raising. He himself has admitted thats his demands cannot be met overnight. Then why this fast?

    A democratic nation like ours should realize, that "HUNGER STRIKE" is not the only means to get demands conceded. We are seeing today, how much of extra resources is being spent in the name of protests.

  4. Haha. I agree. You really can't take someone who has a private jet seriously as a spiritual guru. :P
    P.S. Love the first line. :D

  5. @Hemal: But God help us if he gets any real say in the running of our country.

    @Red Handed: Yeah, did you notice his crestfallen face?

    @Viyoma: You've hit the nail on the head. It's a lot like blackmail, and an unreasonable blackmail at that!

    @Varun: Haha, yes! Neither as a crusader against corruption :P Thank you!

  6. very intelligent forethought. well said Jaai, I know your mind wanted to say much much more but did too much censoring.

  7. Wow, you're right! How did you know? And thank you :)

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