Sunday, June 12, 2011

What makes your life interesting?

Maybe it is because colleges are reopening shortly and I have done nothing at all of any consequence during the holidays, but I'm thinking a lot about whether my time on earth has been, will be, worth anything.

When one thinks about what makes one's life interesting, one usually remembers one particular habit, achievement, memory or person. What if that habit, achievement, memory or person did not exist? Would your life still be interesting? Would it, for example, make a fascinating, or at least inspirational, book? Have you any funny or thrilling anecdotes to one day tell your grandchildren? Could you rival How I Met Your Mother?

Philantrophy is a possible answer. I remember attending this Philosophy lecture where we all agreed that one good deed done everyday can make the world a better place to live in. It can also make your life a more eligible topic for conversation.

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  1. Oh.. I got lots of tales to share with kids
    and trust me, now what would create humor has been, at some point of time a funny tragedy. It's good if you are away from those.
    HIMYM is too fun to be true completely. I mean there ain't no job like Barney's job, so no sense in aspiring for one, better find your own little ways of enjoying life.


  2. I am not sure anyone can beat HIMYM...
    But yeh my life is pretty stacked up with story to be told and laughed. and even if thr were some point in life..i am gonna laugh at them too :D

  3. Looks like I am the only loser around here. Let me just save face and modify what I asked: What has your life meant to others?

  4. Everyone should have tones of stories to tell. If they don't, then all the need to do is change the way they look at their past, its not the stories you are missing, its the perspective!


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