Wednesday, June 08, 2011

How to get admission into the college of your choice

Or do anything at all, really. Five foolproof methods:

1.) Get caught by customs officials: Try to carry super-expensive shoes or sackfuls of jewellery out of the airport. Get investigated by customs officials and praise them for good measure. Get printed. Now you are famous enough to bag a management seat.

2.) Watch an India versus West Indies match: You'll immediately be catapulted into the rarest of rare status. Get in through the sports quota.

3.) Demand an environment quota: and insist you must get a seat though it because you wrote a blog post on World Environment Day.

4.) Throw a shoe at the admissions official, and miss: Not the expensive shoe you carried out of the airport, though. Get media attention and cry in front of the cameras. Say you are a journalist in the making. Your admission process will be magically completed.

5.) Go on a hunger strike: Ensure that you have less than 50,000 followers or the government will beat them up. Demand a fundamental right to admission in your preferred college. You'll get it.

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  1. hehe.. and they say admissions are tough these days
    adding 1 more,
    6) organize a swayamwar for rakhi and participants being principals of diff colleges. The winner shall give you a seat OR marry Rakhi :P

  2. Hahaha! Why didn't you post this when I was doing my admission? :P

  3. @Red Handed: Thank you!

    @aakash: Hahaha, that'll definitely work if nothing else does!

    @Varun: I hadn't figured this out then :P


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